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St. Louis Area Convention of Narcotics Anonymous



Schedule of Events

& Speakers

The SLACNA programming committee is working hard to bring in the most exciting and powerful speakers to carry the message for our tenth anniversary convention. Topics will be announced closer to the convention, so check back for updates on what you can look forward to hearing.


Amazing speakers from around the world


workshops that help you dig deep


saturday evening banquet


fellowship including comedy show and concert


T-shirts and other narcotics anonymous merch



Service & Subcommittees

Hosting the biggest and best SLACNA yet doesn't happen easily. It takes countless hours of work by addicts throughout the city to make it happen, and we couldn't do it without the help of every single person involved.  Whether it's making flyers, recruiting speakers, planning fundraisers, or just spreading the excitement, the contribution of every addict is what makes an event like this possible. 

convention information

C.I. is responsible for providing a safe and enjoyable weekend of recovery. Members of C.I. coordinate with the facility to maintain an atmosphere of recovery. C.I. also provides accurate information about the specifics of the convention, such as location, dates, directions, how to register, and any other relevant information.


Members of the merchandising team are responsible for selecting and procuring items for sale leading up to and at the convention.

Fundraising & Entertainment

F&E does much of the pre-convention footwork, hosting events to raise funds for the main convention and generating enthusiasm in the community about what is to come.  F&E  hosts speaker-jams, dances, talent shows, and more, all in preparation of funding the most incredible convention yet.


Service in programming involves scheduling the main events of the convention, including finding featured speakers, workshop leaders, and talent.


Hospitality has the very important job of setting the stage for the convention. They select the location, and help to decorate and prepare They are responsible for promoting a spirit of unity  by offering a warm welcome to all who attend . Of course, hospitality is also in charge of refreshments and helps with the banquet.


Registration members are in charge or producing flyers and registration forms and creating registration packages.




Sheraton Chalet


Centrally located and easy to get to, the Sheraton Chalet offers a beautiful and comfortable setting for the convention.  The Sheraton has 13 restaurants on site, meeting rooms, spacious banquet halls, and a pool. Come for the day or book your room for the whole weekend!

Narcotics Anonymous has many years of experience with literally hundreds of thousands of addicts. This firsthand experience in all phases of recovery is unparalleled in therapeutic value. We are here to share freely with any addict who wants to recover.
— Basic Text, pg. 10